Jim Johnson talks about his third straight blown save

After talking about his recent struggles after tonight’s game Jim Johnson was asked about the Orioles’ losing streak that has reached six games.

“Three of them are my fault,” he said. “The other guys do their job. If I do mine we are not standing here. I think everyone is doing a great job, I’m not pulling my weight, but I’ll figure it out.

“Ball was up. That seems to be a common theme lately. Not making an adjustment. I’m doing everything to work though it and just need to execute. Balls are coming up, balls are hittable. Just make better pitches.”

He gave up a game tying solo homer in the ninth to Travis Hafner to suffer his third straight blown save. It’s a stretch where he has allowed nine hits and eight runs over 1 1/3 innings.

Is it the most frustrating stretch of his career?

“Yeah. I put a lot of hard work into everything I do,” he said. “It’s not going to change anything. Go home and come back tomorrow ready to work, just like anyone else would.”

What kind of changes or adjustments is he looking to make?

“First, a little bit of mechanics. Obviously I’m not getting the ball to where I need to be. I’ve watched a lot of tape and we’re working on certain things. Staying tall over the rubber a little longer. I’ll figure it out. There is no other option,” he said as his ERA has jumped from 0.95 to 4.22 over the three-game stretch.

He felt like tonight was better than the previous two games in terms of his stuff out thre.

“I thought so. I thought I made some pretty good pitches. Obviously the home run pitch was not. There were some other pretty good pitches.”

Freddy Garcia talked about his outing and giving up two runs over six innings against him former team.

Was he surprised to be removed from the game at 66 pitches?

“He’s the manager and he knows what he is doing. I was fine but that is his decision. Hopefully the next time I can pitch better and stay in the game longer,” he said.

Matt Wieters talked about the pitch that Hafner hit to tie the game.

“He got into a 3-1 count and got a fastball away from him. It may have been a little bit elevated. He put a good swing on it. They stayed in the game through the solo homer,” he said.

Is it a shock for the other players see Jim Johnson struggle after he had a stretch of 35 straight saves until this homestand?

“We are not worried about Jim. We need to play better as a team. Once Jim gets rolling again he will be rolling. The whole team is not playing well right now and there were things we could have done earlier in the game to give him a two or three-run cushion.

“It’s early in the year, I’ll put it that way. We will keep working to get better. This team and this clubhouse is not worried. We know we need to get better but other than that, just go out and play.”

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