Turning the page on a tough loss

The Tampa Bay Rays last swept a three-game series in Baltimore from May 6-8, 2011. The Rays will attempt a sweep today and if they succeed, the Orioles’ losing streak would reach five games.

Twice over the last four losses, the Orioles have lost when they took the lead to the ninth inning. That happened once all of last year when the Orioles were 75-1 when leading after eight innings.

In fact, in losing those two games this week, the Orioles, at 18-3, now lead the American League in losses when leading after eight innings. Here are the records in those situations for the other AL East teams:

Boston 23-1
New York 24-0
Tampa Bay 18-2
Toronto 13-0

Those were tough, gut-wrenching losses, but the Orioles have been a team that is adept at turning the page and quickly moving on from both wins and losses. They need to do that today.

“We had some (tough losses) last year and will again,” manager Buck Showalter said today. He certainly doesn’t sound concerned about his team’s ability to put yesterday’s loss in the rear-view mirror.

“You’ve been in our locker room, what do you think? We don’t live in a world that doesn’t know the reality of what is going on around us,” Showalter said. “But it’s one of those times you are glad you’re playing a baseball season and not a football season.

“There is an opportunity around every corner. We try to decrease the valleys and increase the peaks. But you don’t go, ‘Well, that is just one of those things that happens.’

“We all know it is, but you don’t like to see people you care about go through tough things. Those guys over there are trying real hard too. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you. They’ll try to kick you when you are down and keep you there. If they think you are worth keeping down.”

The Orioles are 12-5 after a loss this year, but that record was 12-2 three games ago.

Today they try to turn the page and put an end to a four-game slide.

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