A look at Chris Davis’ career homer rates

Not only is Chris Davis leading all of major league baseball with 32 homers, but he is homering at a greater rate per at bat than anyone in baseball - and it’s not really even that close.

MLB leaders at-bats per home run:
9.50 - Chris Davis, Orioles
12.50 - Adam Dunn, Chicago White Sox & Pedro Alvarez, Pittsburgh Pirates
12.60 - Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

Davis has homered seven times in 99 at-bats against left-handed pitchers for one every 14.14 at-bats. He has homered 25 times in 206 at-bats against right-handers for one every 8.24 at-bats.

Last season, Davis homered 33 times in 515 at-bats for one every 15.6 at-bats. In his minor league career, he homered once every 15.3 at-bats.

Here are Davis’ at-bats per homer in his minor league career:
2006 - 16.86
2007 - 13.75
2008 - 12.91
2009 - 27.5
2010 - 28.42
2011 - 8.04

So actually, Davis has only once homered at a faster rate than he is this year. It was when he hit 24 homers in 48 games and 193 at-bats in 2011 with Triple-A Round Rock in the Pacific Coast League.

That was a ridiculous number for Davis then, even though players tend to hit more homers in the PCL. The leader in at-bats per homer there this year is at 12.0 and the second-place guy is at 15.0.

The steroids talk heard sometimes on Baltimore radio shows about Davis proves that there is always a small segment of fans that is more cynical than anyone in the media.

I know of no legit reporter that has even hinted at Davis using PEDs. First of all, they test now in baseball and guys that cheat often get caught. Second, Davis is no bigger now than when he was labeled a 4A player by some. Third, he has always been a big homer hitter.

No, for the cynical among you out there, I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that Davis is doing this all without any beyond-the-rules help. But no doubter can prove with any degree of certainty that an accusation like that has any credence whatsoever.

The guy is just mashing homers with a consistent approach and a controlled, yet very powerful swing. But he’s hit a lot of homers many times before.

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