Dave Trembley and Matt Wieters on Trembley’s return to Batlimore

Dave Trembley is back in Baltimore.

This time the former Orioles manager is here as third base coach of the Houston Astros.

Today, one of his former O’s players, Matt Wieters, had some nice things to say about his former skipper.

“Dave was a manager that got you motivated to play every day,” Wieters said. “We weren’t the best of teams when he was here, but he made sure everyone in this clubhouse played the game right way and I think that went a long way to making this team what it is now. We have the attitude that whether you are winning or losing, you play the game right.

“He was a great person first off. He brought some of us young guys up to a big league environment and taught us how to behave like big leaguers. We would have loved the won-loss record to be better when he was here, but there were so many valuable experiences that we got because of that.”

A few minutes later, standing on the field at Camden Yards, Trembley talked about returning to the city and the ballpark.

“It’s special to be back,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of the same people in the clubhouse and around the ballpark and I got to talk to (Brian) Roberts, (Adam) Jones, Wieters and (Nick) Markakis. Here we are. Kind of full circle.

“As time has gone on, it’s pretty evident why I was here, because we were good at developing players. I was the right guy at the right time with young players. When these guys developed and got better and they were ready to make the next move, it was somebody else’s time to take over.”

Trembley was the O’s manager from June 7, 2007 to June 4, 2010. He managed the team for 470 games to a record of 187-283.

“What I am most proud of in my time here is the guys we thought were going to get better got better. Jones got better, Wieters, (Chris) Tillman, (Jim) Johnson,” Trembley said.

“You know what I told Adam when he signed the big contract - he and I used to eat ice cream all the time - I told him, ‘You need to buy your own ice cream now.’ “

Trembley was asked how he felt last season when the Orioles became winners again.

“I think it’s like this. Once you’re the manager of the Orioles, you are always the manager of the Orioles,” he said. “You understand the history of this franchise and the people in this community. I think you are part of the Orioles for life.”

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