Adam Jones on the Arizona series and the mood in the clubhouse (Harvey to Aberdeen)

Adam Jones was asked today about the Orioles’ three losses in Arizona. They suffered three consecutive walk-off losses and now have to bounce back from that tonight as they begin a homestand against Colorado.

“A loss is a loss. Any loss (stinks),” Jones said. “The way they happened is not the best way to lose a game. We gave ourselves a chance to win.

“We are behind every person on the team. We pick up everybody. They are team losses. There is not one person in here doubting the next. Hey, if we have an opportunity to close a game, we know who is going to close this game for us.”

A reporter told Jones that some of the team’s fans are reacting angrily to the Arizona series and asked how the team reacted in the clubhouse.

“We’re grown men, so we are not sitting around here crying,” Jones said. “Things happen. We have to continue to play our game and come back. If we dwell on what happened in Arizona, the Rockies are going to come in here and do some damage to us. Clear you head - we had a day off yesterday - and come back and play the game of baseball.

“Of course, we are right in this. Look at the standings, would you think we’re not? If you do, then you are not really a fan of ours. We created the expectations, we understand that, but I think these guys have to stick with us a little longer.”

Jones went 0-for-14 in the Arizona series after going 12-for-21 in the first five games of the trip with two homers and eight RBIs.

So what kind of record does Jones think it will take to get the O’s into the playoffs?

“In this division, I think it will be similar to last year,” he said. “You may need around 94 games to win it. It was in the 97, 98 range a few years ago. If you do the calculations, 90 wins and you may be sitting home. You’ve got to win. You need to win tonight.”

Jones was asked about Jim Johnson. If there is a one-run lead to protect tonight in the ninth, is Johnson still his guy?

“Of course. That is not even a question,” Jones said. “I need to hear the Foo Fighters. If I don’t hear that when that third out is made, something is wrong.”

Hunter Harvey headed to Aberdeen: The O’s 2013 top draft pick, pitcher Hunter Harvey, is moving from the Gulf Coast League to join the short-season Single-A Aberdeen IronBirds. He is expected to start for Aberdeen on Tuesday night at home against the Hudson Valley Renegades at 7:05 p.m.

In five GCL games, Harvey pitched to an ERA of 1.35 with 18 strikeouts over 13 1/3 innings.

“We’re all very excited to have Hunter Harvey join our ballclub,” IronBirds manager Matt Merullo said. “He’s a first-round pick and a great talent, and it will be great to have a chance to see him and help our ballclub.”

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