A look at Chris Davis and the pursuit of 100 extra-base hits

It is something that has happened just 15 times in Major League Baseball history and has been achieved by just 12 players.

It is the nice round figure of 100 extra-base hits in a single season.

That is a massive number, but a number within reach for Chris Davis with just 10 games to play. Davis has 41 doubles and 51 homers totaling 92 extra-base hits. He is currently tied with Brady Anderson for the O’s club record. Anderson had 92 in 1996.

Davis is on a pace to finish just short of 100, with 99. He is right there and it wouldn’t take much for him to exceed that pace and come up with that magical number.

To put this number for Davis into perspective, there were only four other players going into play last night with even as many as 70 extra-base hits and no one was closer than within 18 to Davis’ total with Mike Trout at 74, Jay Bruce at 72, Miguel Cabrera at 71 and Paul Goldschmidt with 70. Not only is Davis keeping impressive company there but he is lapping the field.

He is about to become just the third player in O’s history to lead the majors in extra-base hits. Frank Robinson (85 in 1966) and Cal Ripken, Jr. (85 in 1991) were the first two.

Click here for the baseball-reference.com list of the top extra-base season totals in MLB history.

Davis’ extra-base hits by month:
April: 17
May: 20
June: 19
July: 12
August: 17
September: 7

During a banner year for Davis, one where he led all vote getters for the All-Star Game, bashed his way to a club record in homers and gained national attention as one of 2013’s best sluggers, will he end it with 100 extra-base hits as well?

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