Checking on a few items in the baseball news

See, the Orioles are busy. They even made a trade during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. OK, they didn’t deal Matt Wieters, and it was not exactly a blockbuster.

Will their offseason hot stove really take fire this week?

This time next week we’ll be in Orlando for the start of the Winter Meetings. While we wait for that fun to begin, let’s look at a few items in the news in the baseball world.

Item: The Yankees and free agent Robinson Cano are still $80 million dollars apart, as Cano has reportedly dropped his demand to around $250 million, while the Yankees have offered reportedly around $170 million.

Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner said in October that the club would not give Cano a 10-year deal, and last week team president Randy Levine told, “Unless he gets a little more realistic, we have nothing to talk about.”

Is there anyone that truly believes Cano will end up somewhere other than in pinstripes? Not me. They’ll meet in the middle and he’ll get his money. But even a player this good likely can’t play well enough to earn that type of money well into his late 30s. The Yankees will get Cano, but this will probably be the latest mega-contract that a team comes to regret one day.

Item: The Orioles now have four catchers on their 40-man roster and none of them are named Caleb Joseph. Do the Orioles just not like this guy? He had a huge year at Double-A Bowie and can’t make their 40-man, but Johnny Monell can?

Well, Monell does bat left-handed and maybe that factored into his acquisition. Maybe the O’s will try to get him through waivers to keep him in the organization, but not on the 40-man. That is just my speculation.

Joseph has done all he can to impress the brass. He is currently playing winter ball to try and improve his game. He could be taken in the Rule 5 draft, but if not, he still could get a shot to be Wieters’ backup during spring training, although Monell and Steve Clevenger, now both on the 40-man, could get longer looks by virtue of their 40-man status.

Item: Some O’s fans are restless and not impressed by the club’s acquisitions so far. They want more significant pickups to get excited about.

It is OK to feel that way, but I say give it a few more weeks. With those Winter Meetings starting next week, let’s see where the club stands after that. If nothing else there should be a few more good rumors emerging and, by the end of those meetings, the Orioles should either have added some new talent or be closer to doing so.

It’s not about making the most moves, spending the most or making the fastest moves. It is about making the best moves for your franchise both in the short and long-term.

All teams make moves to add depth to fill out 40-man rosters and add players they feel may have some hidden value.

I don’t think it is going out on a limb to say the Orioles are not even close to done here. The offseason is just heating up.

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