Machado: “We’re all on the same page now”

Manny Machado talked to a large group of reporters around his locker after tonight’s game and said he spoke to his teammates earlier during a team meeting.

“You go up there and say what you’re feeling,” Machado said. “I went up there and apologized to everyone here. Just go about it, say what you’ve got to say.

“This is the thing about this team. We will all fight together and grind it out together. If we lose, we all lose. This is the good thing about this Oriole team. We are going to stick together. We kind of needed it. Just have to get focused on the main goal to keep grinding and hopefully make the playoffs.

“Said it all. Said what I wanted to say. After yesterday’s game, thinking about it and watching that replay over and over again, thoughts go through your mind.

“It’s tough. We all make mistakes. I let my emotions take over and in this situation you have to control it a little better. Something we have to move on from, learn from.”

Machado apologized to the Oakland A’s during an interview earlier today that aired on MASN. Does he now plan to reach out to any of the A’s players?

“You know what, I apologized to everyone,” he said. “I didn’t mean to hit anyone with the bat. There was no intention. When I see them again, I’ll get somebody and apologize. We are all grown men here. I did something I shouldn’t have done and you just have to deal with the consequences.”

Machado was asked if any of his teammates were unhappy with him?

“You know what, not really,” he said. “We’re all on the same page now. They all had my back. That is the only thing that matters. From now on we just have to deal with it and learn how to approach things.”

Machado felt his actions over the weekend were out of character for him.

“Definitely,” he said. “It got out of hand a little bit. It was a frustrating weekend. It got a little heated there. I let my emotions take over. Have to learn from it.”

He was asked if learning from this could make him a better player?

“Definitely, I think so,” Machado said. “This game is hard. You learn a lot of things. When things happen like this, you are definitely going to learn. It’s going to make me a better player. It’s going to make me a better man. Looking forward I hope I learn from it and don’t make the same mistake.”

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