Adam Jones: In mid-May, “I don’t think there is panic”

It has been true for years of the Orioles and it could serve them well now. They are a team that works hard to maintain an even keel. They don’t get too up with a winning streak or down when they’ve lost a few.

And now they’ve lost a few. They come home to face Toronto tonight for a three-game series after a 1-6 road trip that featured six one-run losses.

According to STATS, LLC., this was the Orioles’ first road trip with six or more one-run losses since 1955. The Orioles last trip with three or more losses in which all losses came by one run was in August 2013, a 4-4 trip with all four losses by one run.

Adam Jones Chris Davis high five white.jpgCenter fielder Adam Jones said there is nothing wrong with the team right now that a few wins will not cure. The vibe in the clubhouse, he said, is the same as always.

“We are maintaining our poise,” Jones said. “We understand, through our leadership in this clubhouse, you know, it is mid-May. I don’t think there is panic. There are still about 120 games left.

“It’s no time to panic. We’ve lost six out of seven, but they were one-run games. Not 6-2 or 10-1 or 8-3 and we just got the snot beat out of us. We played competitive games. But those one-run games are more frustrating, because it’s a hop here, a strike call here, a bounce there going our way type of deal.

“Sometimes you need one or two bounces to go your way. Look at the last game in K.C. on Mother’s Day. We had a chance to tie that game (in the ninth) and send it to extra innings. Caleb (Joseph) hit a bullet down the left field line and it bounced right to their left fielder. We know how great their defense is.

“(Alex) Gordon to (shortstop Alcides) Escobar, that’s an out at home, no matter who is running. We just didn’t get the hop. That’s fine and that’s part of it. That first month we got a lot of them. It is like when you hit a lot of balls hard and don’t get hits. Then you hit a bloop off the end of the bat for a hit. You roll with the flow because it is a real long season.”

The road trip results left the Orioles with a 10-13 road mark for the year. Now they begin a six-game homestand against the Blue Jays and Twins. Tonight they begin a stretch where they have 15 home games over the next 18 contests. The Orioles are 13-3 and have the best home record in the majors.

Now they need to get back to putting up some victories. The sooner, the better.

“That is pretty much all it is,” Jones said. “We need to just get back to winning. I’m really not concerned over anything. We just need to get to high-fiving each other after the game.”

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