Capps and the RF platoon

Good afternoon - just a couple things to pass along:

Matt Capps was named MLB’s Delivery Man of the Month for April, winning the award as baseball’s top closer after going 10-for-10 in save situations and posting a 0.68 ERA with 15 strikeouts in 13 1/3 innings this month. He’s never won the award and is the first Nationals player to win it since Chad Cordero in June 2005.

I wanted to bring a little more attention to a comment in my game story from yesterday. Reader JCA writes:

“If you recalculate the OBP and SLG for just Willie H and J-Max as a platoon, it is more like an .872 ops. That .872 OPS would be 8th in MLB among RFs, between Swisher and Magglio this morning. I’ll take J-Max and Willie’s defense over those two, as well. Perhaps the question should be, why are we trying Guz / Bernie / Willie T / Morse out there when we have a good option already?
Harris v. RHP:
OBP 5H + 8 BB + 1 HBP / 43 PA - SH = 14/42 = .333
SLG 5H + 3 2b + 2 HR / 32 AB = 14 /32 = .438
JMAx v. LHP:
OBP 4H + 10 BB/ 2 PA = 12/22 = .545
SLG 2 1b + 1 2b + 1 HR / 14 AB = 8/14 = .571
Combined Willie /J Max platoon:
OBP 26/66 = .394
SLG 22/46 = .478”

He makes some interesting points here - is it possible the Nationals have their platoon answer with Harris starting against righties and Maxwell against lefties? The thing I like about this is, both players are going to draw walks. You might be able to coax 12-15 homers out of the two players, and both of them will steal some bases. But the main advantage of going this way is both players’ ability to extend innings and get on base, particularly if such a platoon added some depth at the bottom of the lineup.

In my view, it’s something worth exploring further. What do you think of the idea?