From Minnesota

Hello all, and a happy Sunday morning to you. I’m still here in Minnesota ,at least for part of the day; I’m flying back to NoVA this afternoon, so I’ll be in transit during most of the game. But if I can post a few updates/thoughts somehow, I’ll definitely do so. And we’ll be back on the normal schedule with the live chat tomorrow in St. Louis. Kristen Hudak did an excellent job filling in for me there last night, and if you want to check out a replay of last night’s live chat, it’s here. Thanks, Who Dat!

For those curious: I’ve been in Minnesota for a friend’s wedding, and I was playing guitar in the ceremony yesterday. It was quite the eclectic ceremony - everything from “Spring” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to some music the groom (who is a phenomenal piano player) had written to an Anberlin song for the recessional. I was playing electric guitar, which was especially fun because, well, you don’t get to play electric guitar at weddings too often. Reception was great - fun to see some good friends and take dozens upon dozens of dorky pictures.

Anyway, the Nationals’ back-to-back losses to the Rockies yesterday certainly muted some of the momentum they’ve created lately, but if they can come out with a split today, I think you’ve got to call this a successful series. Coors Field is a tough place to play - more because of the huge gaps in the outfield than because of the altitude at this point - and coming into the season, the Nationals had lost nine straight against the Rockies. To split in Denver, and split the season series with Colorado, would be a nice accomplishment.

But with the bullpen...well, it appears the natives are getting restless. On one hand, I can’t imagine Brian Bruney has too long of a leash after another disastrous performance last night. But on the other, he’s a power arm in an organization that has too few of those. Pitchers like Bruney tend to get multiple chances because they can be so valuable when they figure things out. But it was about this time last year that Mike Rizzo famously “got tired of watching” Daniel Cabrera and cut him, $2.6 million salary and all. We’ll see what happens with Bruney ... and the Betty White/SNL-style movement to get Drew Storen to the majors that’s happening on Facebook.

I’ll have an update shortly after touching down at Dulles this afternoon. Heading out for brunch with my parents now, though; and if you’ve been in our in-game chats, you know my dad will have some Nationals thoughts to share. :-) Talk to you later!