Nats-Giants through four: Rain, Stammen, on and off

SAN FRANCISCO - We’ve played four innings at AT&T Park, and the Nationals lead 3-2. But Craig Stammen, who looked sharp in the second and third innings, has bookened those two with a bad first and fourth inning. He’s gotten two double plays, but allowed two runs on five hits, including Aubrey Huff’s no-doubt-about-it homer in the fourth inning.

The saving grace for the Nationals, so far, has been an offense that jumped on a stellar opponent early, just like it did last night. Adam Dunn hit the first pitch he saw from Barry Zito deep to right field, and Josh Willingham followed with another homer in the second. The Nationals got a third run when Pablo Sandoval pulled Huff off the first -base bag trying to get Justin Maxwell, allowing Alberto Gonzalez to score.

So the Nationals lead the Giants by a run. Stammen has only thrown 50 pitches through four innings. And if he can stay on point for a couple more innings, the Nationals have a good chance of a series win.