Nationals-Royals lineups for Wednesday

Good afternoon from Nationals Park -- getting here a few minutes late after a rush to hop in the car. Blame it on soccer euphoria.

Anyway, here’s how the lineup looks today. Cristian Guzman has the day off, so all you Roger Bernadina fans who want to see how he fares in the No. 2 hole will get your wish today.


Podsednik - LF
Kendall - C
DeJesus - CF
Butler - 1B
Guillen - RF
Callaspo - 3B
Betancourt - SS
Getz - 2B
Bannister - P


Morgan - CF
Bernadina - RF
Zimmerman - 3B
Dunn - 1B
Willingham - LF
Rodriguez - C
Desmond - SS
Kennedy - 2B
Strasburg - P