Strasburg gets SI cover


Well, it looks like Stephen Strasburg will have something new to sign.

The Nationals right-hander is gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, the latest honor to come from his sensational debut week.

Strasburg was named NL Player of the Week on Monday, after striking out 22 batters and allowing three runs in his first 12 1/3 big-league innings.

As far as I can remember, this is the first Nationals-only cover of SI.

Ryan Zimmerman was on the cover with a number of other 2005 draftees in a retrospective piece about how good that draft was. And Bryce Harper made it last year before he was a member of the Nationals. Am I missing anything?

Here’s how the cover looks...

It hits newsstands Thursday - I think. I’m basing that on when my copy comes in the mail.