Time for a little Strasbooking

It feels like the entire town is still buzzing this morning about Stephen Strasburg’s thrilling debut, and probably will be for much of the day.

We’ll certainly have plenty more Strasburg content around here for you today, and until I get to Nationals Park, it will probably continue to be all Strasburg, all the time.

So in that spirit, I wanted to make this page available to you to post your favorite memories from the Strasburg debut last night. If you’ve got links to pictures, feel free to add those in the comments, or just chime in with what you thought of the game or what you’ll remember most.

Byron Kerr, Kristen Hudak and I will all have plenty more throughout the morning and early afternoon.

And if you’re around a TV, I’ll be going on First Take on ESPN2 around 10:15 to talk about Strasburg. Otherwise, leave your memories and online mementos in the comments.