Strasburg allows walks, but not runs

They’ve played three down in Florida, and Stephen Strasburg’s night continues to look like it will be a short one. He’s thrown 63 pitches through three innings, walking three and striking out two. And though he hasn’t given up a run, he probably won’t last much longer than five innings tonight.

Strasburg threw curveballs to get himself out of the second, and fastballs to escape a jam in the third. But he’s missing spots with both pitches, and hasn’t thrown a changeup in eight batters.

The Nationals caught Hanley Ramirez stealing in the third inning, which probably saved a run when Dan Uggla singled. Adam Dunn has two hits, but Ricky Nolasco has six strikeouts, and the Nationals and Marlins are scoreless headed into the bottom of the fourth.