Strasburg has four Ks through three

Stephen Strasburg’s seventh major-league start began on an ominous note - Andres Torres turned on a 3-1 fastball and blasted it to right center for a leadoff home run - but with a couple adjustments, Strasburg is back to dominating.

He has struck out four batters through three innings, and hasn’t given up a hit since the Torres homer. Throwing a heavy diet of off-speed pitches to a fastball-hitting team, Strasburg has kept the game tied at one.

The Nationals got their run off Matt Cain in the first when Roger Bernadina doubled and scored one of the more bizarre runs they’ve had all year.

Matt Cain tried to pick off Bernadina at second, but spiked a throw off the grass. As the ball went into left center, Bernadina raced around third and beat a throw home to tie the game. It was an odd break, but the Nationals’ aren’t likely to score many runs tonight, so they’ll have to take it.

We’re headed into the fourth, and Strasburg has thrown 44 pitches, 27 strikes.