Lannan’s postgame comment

Another reporter asked me last night if I thought John Lannan showed up Jim Riggleman in his postgame comments, and I said no; nothing Lannan said stuck out to me in that regard.

I saw a few of you mentioning it today. Here it is, so everyone knows what we’re talking about:

In his postgame interview with Debbi Taylor, Lannan was asked about the bullpen having to pitch so many innings in the last few days. His response: “I got nothing to say about that. That’s the way our manager manages, and that’s it.”

Later, with the print media, he said this: “I would like to go deeper in the ballgames. Sometimes, it’s out of my control and there is nothing I can do about it. The bullpen is doing a great job. I’m trying to keep the team in the game as long as I’m allowed to throw. That’s my goal.”

Lannan toned things down a little in his second interview, though I still don’t think anything he said the first time was terribly incendiary. Thoughts on it?

Since he came back to the majors, Lannan has come out of the game during or before the sixth inning three times in his five starts.