Nationals-Marlins lineups for Tuesday

Here are the Nationals’ and Marlins’ lineups for tonight’s game at Sun Life Stadium. Adam Kennedy, again, is leading off for the Nationals, with Roger Bernadina still hitting third, Adam Dunn batting fifth and Nyjer Morgan hitting eighth. If it’s working - and everyone’s cool with it (more on that in a few minutes) - why change it, right?

Kennedy - 2B
Desmond - SS
Bernadina - LF
Zimmerman - 3B
Dunn - 1B
Morse - RF
Rodriguez - C
Morgan - CF
Zimmermann - P

Bonifacio - 2B
Morrison - LF
Ramirez - SS
Sanchez - 1B
Tracy - 3B
Stanton - RF
Maybin - CF
Hayes - C
Sanchez - P