Sanchez’s no-no a no-go thanks Morse

Mike Morse just doubled into the left-field corner, the Nationals’ first hit of the afternoon against Anibal Sanchez, who retired the first 14 Washington hitters he faced in order. Morse ripped a 3-1 fastball, a no-doubt-about-it swing that produced an equally indisputable result.

Yes, it was a no-hitter. No, I wasn’t gong to say anything - even in cyberspace - to jinx it.

Guess I should have warned you about that. I’m one of those pesky baseball traditionalists. I don’t really like the designated hitter, love the strategy of the double switch and believe there are two things you never say while a game is in progress: “Boy, this one is breezing right along” and “Wow, (Fill in the name of the pitcher) is tossing a no-no.”

Didn’t do it when Jason Marquis was holding the Marlins hitless through four innings. Wouldn’t say it when Sanchez, who no-hit the Arizona Diamondbacks on Sept. 6, 2006, was working on one either. Even against the Nats.

You don’t anger the baseball gods because when they get angry, even weirder stuff happens.