Two more Adam Dunn RBI put Nationals up 6-1 over Braves

Adam Dunn is really pouring it on now; he shot a two-run single to right, over the Braves’ shift on him, against Michael Dunn in the bottom of the sixth, and the Nationals lead the Braves 6-1. Dunn has five RBI tonight, giving him 101 for the season, and is 3-for-4 with two homers.

The “Sign Adam Dunn” chants have been picking up through the Nationals Park stands as the game goes on. And barring any bullpen collapses, it looks like the Nationals will have their first four-game win streak of the year.

Tyler Clippard has pitched two perfect innings of relief, and has struck out four of the six batters he’s faced. Jordan Zimmermann finished the night having allowed three hits and a walk, striking out five and giving up one run. It’s been a great night for the Nationals’ pitching staff, a solid night for their defense and an impressive display by Adam Dunn.