From an interminable Washington Dulles security line

Hello from the frequent traveler security line at Washington Dulles, where there are about two dozen people, including two strollers, standing in front of me. Again, I’m in the frequent traveler line.

At least this lapse in standards has given me time to blog on my iPhone while waiting in line. I’m on the way to Miami, Fla., where the Nationals begin a three-game series with the Florida Marlins tonight.

For whatever reason, the Marlins have beat - and beat up - the Nationals, regularly and thoroughly over the last three seasons. Names like Cody Ross and Alfredo Amezaga have become all too familiar to Nationals fans, as the Marlins have taken 39 of 53 against Washington since 2008. And who can forget the Nationals’ last game in Sun Life Stadium - Nyjer Morgan, charging the mound, taking a swing at pitcher Chris Volstad and earning himself as much notoriety as anyone in a Marlins uniform had gained for something they did with a bat.

Morgan is gone now, of course, and the Nationals have a chance to start a new trend against the Marlins. It’d help them to get things going, too; they’re coming off an ugly loss to the Braves, and they’d like to build some momentum before a winnable series in New York this weekend. Jason Marquis faces Anibal Sanchez in the series opener tonight.

I’d be curious to hear from you on the Marlins: Do you have a memory that sticks out from the beatings over the last three years - maybe it’s Tim Redding walking pitchers in 2008, or the three-day bullpen meltdown in 2009 that led to a reliever overhaul in April. What image is burned in your brain from those teal tormentors? Let it out; we’re here to help.

Well, it’s time for me to head through security. I wonder if that girl with the Dora the Explorer backpack has some tips about which loyalty programs have the best blackout date policies. Talk to you from Florida.