Jason Marquis cruising, but Nationals still trail Mets

NEW YORK - After getting hit with a barrage of singles early, Jason Marquis has settled into a groove at Citi FIeld and looks as good as he has in a Nationals uniform. He’s retired 11 of the last 12 hitters he’s faced, and has struck out six so far. But the Nationals still trail the Mets 2-1 heading into the fifth.

Marquis is doing what he does best: working quickly, throwing first-pitch strikes and letting his sinker work for him. He’s able to rifle through lineups with a simple repertoire of pitches when his sinker is on, and it has been since the start of spring training. He’s thrown 75 pitches through four innings, but he should be able to get through at least six innings today.

Now, he just needs the Nationals to score some runs for him. They’ve only got one hit on Chris Young today, and are playing without Ryan Zimmerman, of course. But Danny Espinosa just drew a leadoff walk in the fifth, so they’ll try to get a rally started here.