Jayson Werth homers to put Nationals up 5-1 over Phillies

In the handful of times he’s talked about his departure from Philadephia, Jayson Werth has hinted he wasn’t happy that the Phillies didn’t make more of an effort to resign him toward the end of the 2010 season, though he hasn’t done much to help the narrative of him getting revenge on his former team this week.

Wait, strike that last part. That might not be true any longer.

In his third at-bat of the night in the fifth inning, Werth blasted an 0-1 sinker from Joe Blanton just under the left-field foul pole, putting the Nationals up 5-1 over the Phillies. The right fielder is 2-for-3 tonight, with a double, a homer and two runs, And Livan Hernandez, who’s thrown just 79 pitches, is taking the mound for the seventh inning.

There are certain games that stick out more than others in the course of a season. This game - with Werth facing his former team for the first time, Hernandez leafing through the Phillies lineup and the Nationals looking at a solid win over the four-time division champs - certainly looks like one of them. At this point, if the Nationals lose it, it’s going to be memorable just for the collapse. But they seem firmly in control of this one in the seventh.