Marlins take lead on Nationals

MIAMI - Seemingly, it doesn’t matter how these games between the Nationals and Marlins start; we know how they’re going to end.

Down 4-0 after the fourth inning tonight, the Marlins have rallied for six consecutive runs while the Nationals have missed chances to add on to their lead. They added a pair in the sixth inning, getting their most recent run when Ian Desmond charged a ground ball and got eaten up on a hard hop, committing his first error of the year.

The Nationals left five runners on base in the first four innings, stranding runners on third in the second and fourth. Both times, those runners reached third with less than two outs. The way Livan Hernandez was going, it looked like the Nationals could survive those missed chances. But the ultimate lesson of playing the Marlins is this: However safe the Nationals might think they are, they’re not.