Stephen Strasburg throws at Petco Park

SAN DIEGO - Stephen Strasburg threw a bullpen session at Petco Park today, pitching in front of Nationals staff members in his hometown - and apparently on MLB Network, which picked up the session on its ballpark cam. But he’s already left the building, a team official said - and he managed to slip out before reporters could catch him.

Strasburg had said on Tuesday that his bullpen sessions consist of 30 to 40 fastballs at a time, three times a week. He’s not throwing breaking balls yet, but should be cleared to do that sometime in the near future as his elbow gets stronger after Tommy John surgery.

“The idea is to put great stress on the new ligament,” Strasburg said on Monday. “It’ll pick up a little bit every week. I’m not really sure what’s going to be in store for me next month, or the month after that. We’re just taking it one day at a time, one week at a time.”

I’ll hopefully have more on Strasburg’s appearance later.