Nationals’ second attempt at suicide squeeze gives them lead over Cubs

The Nationals have the lead back after seven innings against the Cubs, and they took it on one of the more bizarre sequences you’re likely to see.

With one out in the inning, Michael Morse broke from third on the first pitch Kerry Wood threw Wilson Ramos. But Ramos missed the sign for a suicide squeeze, swung away and hit a foul ball that nearly drilled Morse in the head.

So what did the Nationals do? Two pitches later, they ran it again.

This time, Ramos got the bunt down, scoring Morse and giving the Nationals a 5-4 lead.

It was gutsy enough to run it once, but to do it again after badly giving it away is almost rash. But Davey Johnson’s bold move worked.

It should also be noted that Morse got to third after Jayson Werth ripped a long fly ball to right that would have fallen in for a run-scoring double if Reed Johnson hadn’t made a nice running catch. Werth got an ovation as he went back to the dugout. Yep, he’s getting applauded for productive outs. It’s better than what he had been doing, though, and it helped the Nationals take the lead.