Johnson thinks Harper should sit the rest of the season

The Nationals haven’t released an official update on Bryce Harper’s strained right hamstring today. But manager Davey Johnson said out loud today what’s been pretty easy to surmise since Harper limped off the field during Double-A Harrisburg’s game last night: He’s not likely to play again during the 2011 minor league season.

The Senators’ season ends Sept. 5, though they are up by two games in the Western Division of the Eastern League. But with an injury like a hamstring strain, which can linger without proper rest, there’s not much to be gained by rushing Harper back, especially when he could be ready for the Arizona Fall League season with some rest.

“He probably won’t play the rest of the year, as far as I know,” Johnson said. “There’s only a few days left. You take a chance of aggravating it, and it becomes more of a serious injury.”

Harper was scheduled to be re-evaluated today, and the Nationals could have more news on his condition later.