Nationals announce 2012 schedule

The Nationals announced their 2012 schedule this morning; they will begin the year at Wrigley Field on April 5 against the Cubs. Their home opener will be April 12 against the Reds.

Other schedule highlights include the Yankees’ first visit to the District since 2006 - they will come to Washington in June for an interleague series. The Nationals will travel to Boston, Toronto and Baltimore for interleague series, as well. And they host the 2010 World Series champion Giants on the Fourth of July, before playing the Cubs at home on Labor Day.

After beginning the season with road series against the Cubs and Mets, the Nationals return home for an 11-game homestand. They’ll only have two that are longer than two series - the 11-game set to open the year and another 11-game homestand from Aug. 29-Sept. 9 against the Cardinals, Cubs and Marlins.

The Nationals will finish the 2012 season at home against the Phillies on Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Here is the Nationals’ full schedule:

5, 7-8: at Cubs
9-11: at Mets
12-15: vs. Reds
16-19: vs. Astros
20-22: vs. Marlins
24-26: at Padres
27-29: at Dodgers

1-3: vs. Diamondbacks
4-6: vs. Phillies
8-10: at Pirates
11-13: at Reds
14-15: vs. Padres
16-17: vs. Pirates
18-20: vs. Orioles
21-23: at Phillies
25-27: at Braves
28-30: at Marlins

1-3: vs. Braves
5-7: vs. Mets
8-10: at Red Sox
11-13: at Blue Jays
15-17: vs. Yankees
19-21: vs. Rays
22-24: at Orioles
25-28: at Rockies
29-30: at Braves

1: at Braves
3-5: vs. Giants
6-8: vs. Rockies
13-16: at Marlins
17-19: vs. Mets
20-22: vs. Braves
23-25: at Mets
26-29: at Brewers
31: vs. Phillies

1-2: vs. Phillies
3-5: vs. Marlins
6-9: at Astros
10-12: at Diamondbacks
13-15: at Giants
17-19: vs. Mets
20-22: vs. Braves
24-26: at Phillies
28-29: at Marlins
30-31: vs. Cardinals

1-2: vs. Cardinals
3-6: vs. Cubs
7-9: vs. Marlins
10-12: at Mets
14-16: at Braves
18-20: vs. Dodgers
21-24: vs. Brewers
25-27: at Phillies
28-30: at Cardinals

1-3: vs. Phillies

If you’d prefer a calendar-style schedule of the Nationals’ 2012 games, click here.