Nationals-Marlins start will be delayed (game under way)

MIAMI - The tarp is still on the field at Sun Life Stadium, and the Nationals and Marlins’ start will be delayed. We’ll have an update on a start time once we get one, but it’s still raining, and after the University of Miami football game here on Saturday, the field doesn’t appear to be in great shape.

That said, the forecast looks more promising later this evening, and for as much wear and tear as there is on the grass, the field here drains quickly. It’s likely we’ll have baseball at some point, but when the game starts is still unknown. Check back for details.

Update at 7:45 p.m.: They’re projecting an 8:05 start here; the rain has stopped and the field is (sort of) dry.

Update at 8:07 p.m.: We’re underway. And we’re playing on this field.