Venezuelan team rep: Still no contact from Ramos’ kidnappers

As of this morning, there have been few new developments out of Venezuela in the kidnapping of Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos. Kathe Vilera, the spokesperson for Ramos’ Venezuelan team, the Tigres de Aragua, tweeted this morning that Venezuelan authorities are working on the case, but also tweeted that Ramos’ kidnappers still have not contacted his family.

Jose Grasso, the president of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, tweeted this morning that the league will not suspend its games while Ramos’ whereabouts are still unknown. “Turning off the lights is not a solution,” he said.

The Nationals, who had declined comment on the situation last night, still have not commented on it as of this morning.

We will have much more on the Ramos story as it develops, so check back throughout the day.