Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “The Art of Racing in the Rain”

Eric Nadel is the voice of the Texas Rangers. He has been recognized by the National Baseball Hall of Fame with the Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting excellence. He is a longtime associate and friend and he is a reader. I caught up with him on the Rangers’ trip to Baltimore. Nadel not only reads, but believes in supporting the book business, by visiting ... read more

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “The Maples Stories”

John Updike is recognized as a giant of the writing world, his fiction having covered the bestseller and positive review lists for decades, “The Maples Stories” is a collection of 18 works that he penned over five decades. They are the stories of a marriage between Richard and Joan Maple. They are the stories of his own married life to the point that some have ... read more

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “The Waste Land and Other Writings”

Written in 1922, T.S. Eliot’s epic poem, “The Waste Land,” is considered a masterpiece of poetic writing. The characters in the poem are many, the sense of depression drips from their stories and there is little politeness in this work. Eliot wrote this in the aftermath World War I in a world of chaos and change. He himself struggled to figure out where mankind was ... read more

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “Camus: Portrait of a Moralist”

Camus was a French philosopher, author and journalist who lived from 1913 to 1960. His search was for a meaning to life, which in many ways he found to be absurd. Thus, he is sometimes referred to as the father of absurdism. The problem of defining Camus is he constantly would seemingly support two sides of a position in the same work or discussion. He ... read more

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “Tenth of December”

What does one make of “Tenth of December” by George Saunders? I wished to turn away from most of these short stories. There was horror, fear and a real uneasiness in trying to just survive reading these works. Characters were undergoing real physical and emotional pain of the deepest sort. I went to other sources to see what others felt about this book. NPR stated ... read more

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “High Notes”

What great reading. What accomplished writing. “High Notes” by Gay Talese was a joy to read. The book contains selected articles written by Gay Talese for the likes of The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly and the New York Times. Talese is one of the most important nonfiction writers of our time, capturing individuals and situations vividly and in color. is unique, expansive magazine articles are ... read more

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “The Baltimore Elite Giants”

Getting ready to leave on a trip with the Orioles and realizing I had finished the book I had with me, I asked Buck Showalter if I could borrow one from his office. I picked up the “The Baltimore Elite Giants” by Bob Luke from his office side table and he said, “You’ll like it.” Right again. The book covers the team from beginning to ... read more

Hitting the Books with Gary Thorne: “James Joyce”

For those who would like to learn more about James Joyce, but are not prepared to sit down with the pages of lengthy biographies, Edna O’Brien’s “James Joyce” is a worthy read. O’Brien explores the forces that drove Joyce as a writer, which necessitates a continual look at his life and times. Joyce was forever the troubled writer. He excessive drinking lead to personal and ... read more