Hyde on Wells, Garcia, lineup, and roster expansion

Tyler Wells threw his second bullpen session today and keeps making progress in his eventual return from a left oblique injury.

Wells is nearing a live batting practice session to get him reacclimated to facing hitters.

“It’s going very well,” Hyde said. “Threw his second bullpen, feels great after. All positive news from there.”

The Orioles haven’t determined Well’s role after he makes it back onto the active roster. Building him back up as a starter will take longer, which could influence them to make him a reliever.

“We’re still going to work some things out,” Hyde said.

“Going to just monitor it day-to-day.”

Rico Garcia arrived in the clubhouse this afternoon, hugged teammates and prepared for possible relief duty tonight.

Hyde said the purpose of Garcia’s arrival wasn’t to shake up a struggling bullpen.

“It’s to, Rico hasn’t pitched in a few days, and to have him be available today for us," Hyde said.

Tonight’s lineup has Terrin Vavra at second base instead of Rougned Odor, which isn’t related to a health issue.

“Just late August, we’re going to rotate around,” Hyde said. “(Ramón) Urías sat a couple days ago, Roogie’s on the bench tonight. Just continue to rotate guys around.”

Rosters expand to 28 players on Sept. 1, a total that, while an improvement over the current 26, doesn’t provide managers with much flexibility.

Certainly a far cry from the days when teams could carry at maximum of 40, which always seemed excessive and ruined matchup strategies.

“I think just the way pitching is in today’s game, you’d obviously like to see the ability to have a couple more,” Hyde said. “I appreciate the fact that we can add two. I don’t understand why we have to be limited to one pitcher and one position player. I think every team would like to be able to add some more pitchers just to keep their guys healthy down the stretch.

“What they’re trying to do is correct. They’re trying to keep it an equal playing field for everybody. I remember when I was with the Marlins and we wouldn’t call many guys up and be way out of the race, and we’re playing the Phillies and they’d be in first place with six lefties and six righties on the bench and 10 bullpen guys. They were already good enough. And that was before the three-batter minimum, and they could pretty much match up the entire game. To be able to have everybody have the same number, I think that makes it a lot more fair. I do like that.

“I think all of us would like to be able to add a few pitchers, at least, just to take some of the wear and tear off the guys who have been here.”

Here are the starters for the weekend series in Houston:

Friday: Kyle Bradish vs. Lance McCullers
Saturday: Dean Kremer vs. José Urquidy
Sunday: Austin Voth vs. Justin Verlander

First-overall draft pick Jackson Holliday is playing shortstop and batting second tonight for his debut with Single-A Delmarva.

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