Music and baseball combine in “Athletes & Artists” weekend

The Orioles again this year will mix music and baseball during spring training to benefit efforts promoting arts education and girls’ empowerment. The fifth annual “Athletes & Artists Play for Kids” charity weekend will take place March 5-8 at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Fla., the Orioles’ spring training home. A portion of the proceeds from the weekend’s events will benefit the Orioles Charitable Foundation’s ... read more

Orioles’ economic impact on spring home better than expected

Since the Orioles moved their spring training home to Sarasota, Fla., in 2010, the economic benefit to the area has far exceeded the club’s projections. An annual report from the Sarasota County government finds that the Orioles have generated more than $436 million in cumulative economic impact since 2015, the first year comprehensive data became available. The analysis includes both tourism dollars coming from spring ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: O’s give White Sox head start

Florida’s population this week swelled with the arrival of pitchers and catchers throughout the Sunshine State, including Sarasota, where one of the least predictable spring training competitions in the majors has begun to unfold. As you begin counting down to opening day in earnest, you’ll want to catch as much as you can of the next seven days’ worth of “Orioles Classics.” Most of these ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: A Baltimore baseball history lesson

This week’s “Orioles Classics” on MASN read like a history lesson. So come to order, class (what, you thought Roch Kubatko had the market cornered on baseball school?). We’ll start with a pair of games from the 1970 World Series, move into the Ripken portion of the curriculum, watch Eddie Murray reach a home run milestone, check in on the Orioles swansong for a couple ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Fifty years on, it still feels good

Feeling super? Meh. The Ravens’ playoff run stalled as soon as it started, and neither the Steelers nor the Patriots are playing in Sunday’s big game either. There’s nobody in this thing to root for or against. MASN has much more exciting television lined up in the next seven days, especially after Sunday. Each weekday morning next week, starting Monday, you can catch a rebroadcast ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Mariners foundered in Baltimore

Got the winter blahs? Repeat after me: Opening day is just a couple of months away. This week’s set of “Orioles Classics” includes an opening day from four years ago that ended in a walk-off win for the O’s. You’ll also see a pair of late-20th century playoff games in Baltimore, one of which pitted two mound giants against one another and ended with the ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Milestone moments, late heroics and a commanding playoff lead

This week’s slate of “Orioles Classics” on MASN contains a variety of highlights. You want game-deciding heroics? We’ve got ‘em. You want career milestones? Check off that box. You want to travel back in time and relive some of the O’s postseason glory of years past? Tune in. That’s the beauty of a team like the Orioles, ripe with history and full of exciting moments ... read more

“Orioles Classics” #TBT: Dawn of the Golden Age of O’s

The hot stove season is in full swing, and the Orioles this week signed free agent shortstop José Iglesias to fill the hole left when the club traded Jonathan Villar. That and other offseason happenings certainly hold our interest as fans who are curious about who will be where on opening day 2020. But to quote the Bard, the play’s the thing. There’s really no ... read more