More O's questions: The readers' story

Today I am asking a few more questions of O's fans. But with a different spin on this edition. This one is where the readers can fill us in on their personal stories.

With today's questions, rather than seek your input on the Orioles and their future outlook, I want to know about your past with baseball. I want to ask each reader and commenter about their past with this great sport.

On to today's questions:

1) How did you first get interested in baseball?

2) When did you first become an Orioles fan? Any memories from your early fandom days?

3) Who is your all-time favorite Oriole and why?

4) Do you have a favorite O's season?

5) Do you have special memories of Memorial Stadium?

6) Memorial Stadium or Camden Yards?

Pitching in with more thoughts about the Orioles' ...
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