Will Markakis be a golden newbie? (updated)

Update: I'll answer my own question right here. No. The Orioles were shut out in the Gold Glove voting. Jason Garrett finally got a head coaching job in the NFL. I guess it was worth passing on the Ravens' offer. Special thanks to the Bengals receiver who dropped that fourth-down pass last night and ensured that his team would lose by more than 4 ½ points. It's not like I took Cincy + 4 ½. No, I'd never do anything that stupid. Nick-Markakis_Closeup-Profile-Tall.gif Nobody asked my opinion, but what's so wrong about putting Juan Samuel in the dugout and leaving Gary Allenson at third base? Samuel does have some managing experience, and it couldn't be any more awkward for him than returning to third base. He knows the personnel here, he speaks Spanish and he can work with the infielders. Allenson can work with the catchers now that Don Wakamatsu has chosen the Blue Jays over the Orioles. Just a thought. All things being equal, I'm fairly certain that Samuel would prefer working for the Phillies. He's got a history with them and is treated like a hero in that city. He's on their Wall of Fame. It's understandable. Major League Baseball will announce its Gold Glove winners later today. You might find this article interesting while considering your choices. It includes UZR and other defensive metrics that'll make a seamhead's toes curl. The Fielding Bible Award, which has been around for five years, recognizes winners at every position. It doesn't just lump three outfielders. Here are the 2010 winners: AMERICAN LEAGUE 1B -- Daric Barton, A's 2B -- Orlando Hudson, Twins 3B -- Evan Longoria, Rays SS -- Alexei Ramirez, White Sox LF -- Brett Gardner, Yankees CF -- Franklin Gutierrez, Mariners RF -- Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners C -- Kurt Suzuki, A's P -- Mark Buehrle, White Sox NATIONAL LEAGUE 1B -- Albert Pujols, Cardinals 2B -- Chase Utley, Phillies 3B -- Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals SS -- Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies LF -- Jose Tabata, Pirates CF -- Michael Bourn, Astros RF -- Jay Bruce, Reds C -- Yadier Molina, Cardinals P -- Bronson Arroyo, Reds I wouldn't expect Adam Jones to be a repeat winner - I'm sure we would have read it on Twitter or MySpace - but shoudn't Nick Markakis be recognized this year?
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