Bergy and Guthrie

Brad Bergesen hopes to throw once more on flat ground before taking the mound on Saturday, but manager Dave Trembley might push back that first bullpen session until Monday. Trembley is toying with the idea of having Bergesen throw on flat ground tomorrow and Saturday. "He's wrestling with me on that one," Trembley said. "He really has done remarkably well. He's going to be fine. We have lots of time to get him right back in where he should be and to get his pitches up." Jeremy Guthrie pitched 200 innings for the first time in his career last season, but he also led the American League in losses (17) and home runs allowed (35). Jeremy-Guthrie_ST-Tall.jpg It was a mixed bag. We're only talking about a few bullpen sessions here, but he's looked good each time he's stepped on the mound. Perhaps it's because he started throwing a little earlier than normal before reporting to camp. Or maybe it's something else. "His mechanics are good," Trembley said. "The ball is down and he doesn't seem to be rushing and he looks very relaxed. The location of all of his pitches is much better." Let's agree that if Guthrie has a big season, we'll blame 2009 on his stint in the World Baseball Classic. "Jeremy is a routine guy," Trembley said. "He's very disciplined. He's an extremely hard worker. But he's a very proud man. He has a lot of pride. And I think he's going to benefit from being here for the full spring and getting his work in and being ready to go. "The sessions that I've seen here, his mechanics look flawless. His pitches are where they need to be. They're down. "I don't think Jeremy lacks confidence. I don't think confidence is an issue with him. This guy is competitive. Heck, he gave us 200 innings last year and never missed a start. This guy is a throwback. He competes as well as anybody. He does not make excuses. "He may not agree with me, and that's OK - we can agree to disagree - but I think Guthrie will benefit from having (Kevin) Millwood here."

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