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Continuing yesterday's blog entry about Chad Moeller talking at length to pitcher Chris Tillman after the right-hander's bullpen session, the veteran catcher told me the following: "There was nothing specific. It's always a matter of what I'm seeing, and also encouragement for him or to point out something that I may have seen that I didn't like. And in his case, there's nothing I saw that I didn't like. "I wanted to see how his cutter looked, and I was pleased with what it looked like already. And I wanted to make sure he understood that and what he should be trying to do going forward with it." Moeller also caught Koji Uehara. "He threw 30 fastballs away and hit his spot with all of them," Moeller said. Moeller caught Will Ohman and had to pause twice while pitching coach Rick Kranitz interrupted the left-hander and instructed him to slow down. "He gets very fired up, he gets very excited," Moeller said. "I know Will very well. I spend a lot of time with him in the off-season. He gets very excited. He's got a great arm. He gets very excited." I detect a pattern here. Nolan Reimold said he doesn't care where hit bats this season, but he usually hit fifth in the minors. "I'm sure they'll play around with it a little bit and do whatever they have to do, but it doesn't matter to me," he said. The first and ninth spots in the order are taken - not that Reimold would have been a candidate for either one. "Anything in between there will be good," he said. Props to "John" for adding Cal Ripken's broken nose to our list of freakiest injuries in Orioles history. Reliever Roberto Hernandez accidentally elbowed Ripken during the All-Star photo shoot in 1996. I can't believe I missed that one. To the reader who asked about Jeff Datz's uniform number, the Orioles' new bench coach is wearing 28. And I don't think he's honoring reliever Danys Baez.

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