Snyder's schedule

The Orioles have instructed Brandon Snyder to confine his work to first base this spring, rather than go back and forth between the two infield corners. Snyder was drafted as a catcher, but he also played 10 games at third base during his first professional season. He became a full-time third baseman after undergoing surgery on his left shoulder on Aug. 2006 - many people mistakenly think it was his right - but the Orioles moved him again. Snyder will stay planted at first base for now, which is quite different than last spring's routine. "I must have taken 500 ground balls because I was working out at first and third, and I wore out," he said. "Now I can just concentrate on first base, and it feels awesome. I've become open and relaxed because I'm not thinking about the left side. I had an errorless Arizona Fall League and I've never felt more comfortable." Snyder usually finds his comfort zone in the batter's box. "The hitting should just come," he said. "That's one thing I've always been able to do."

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