Talking Trembley

On the first workout at the new complex: "It was fun to be out here today, a lot of fun. Everybody was anxious to get out. We had a very good, productive today." On Alfredo Simon not being under any restrictions: "He was a guy that when I came here at the beginning of the week I asked (head athletic trainer) Richie Bancells about, and he said (Simon) was a full-go. I saw him in instructional league at the end of September last year and I was told that in all likelihood he would be a full-go in spring training, and he is, so he must have worked really hard to get where he's at." Dave-Trembley_ST-Tall.jpg On the report that Brian Roberts has kidney stones: "I have heard that and I called B-Rob yesterday. He texted me back and I talked to Richie Bancells and it wasn't kidney stones. It's nothing like that. I think he was having back spasms. He told me yesterday that when he's here, he's going to be a full-go, and he's still working out at the API facility in Arizona." On the advantages of the new complex: "It's obviously more accessible for us. Hopefully, the clubhouse is a little more conducive for you guys to be able to do your jobs. I think things move a lot smoother out on the field. We're able to get more activity with smaller groups and things just seem to flow a whole lot better because of the facility that we have. I would think that we'll really see a noticeable difference in that for everybody when the position players get here because we'll make very good use of all the space that we have. So it's very nice. And the other thing that was probably as noticeable for me was the reception that we're getting. There are a lot of people here from Baltimore that are down here, and there are a lot of people who have come down here for spring training, and they just seem to be really friendly. Very, very nice. Very glad that the Orioles are here. I think you're going to see that what we're going to try to do, with it being our first year here, is reciprocate in this community maybe more than we've done in the past by doing some things in the community and community service-related involvement because this is the start of a long-term relationship with the Orioles and the city of Sarasota, and we have to let them know that we appreciate what a lot of people have done to make this possible. I told some people out there today, the game's for two factors: The game's for the fans and the game's for the players. And I think spring training is for the fans." On what he expects from the young starters: "I expect them to pitch every fifth day. And I want them to know and I want the team to know, when they pitch, we've got a chance to win. And I want them to know that we expect them to pitch deep into games, with common sense being exercised. And I think with the backend of our bullpen the way it could project to be, we'll be able to protect those guys."
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