The N.L. (minus the East) and A.L. preview

March Madness is underway and that means baseball that counts is just two weeks away! The weather seems to be responding in kind, at least in the National Capital area. A couple of wins yesterday helps the optimistic spring feeling. It was good see both squads come up with curly W's behind the pitching of John Lannan and Craig Stammen. So who do you think can win it all? The Yankees or Phillies again? The Red Sox, Mariners or Giants? The Nationals and a dream season? We know what the N.L. East has in store for the Nats (see and hear my archived preview); what about the rest of the senior circuit and the American League? We continue my audio series with editor Steven Goldman of the 2010 Baseball Prospectus. This is a great listen as Steven breaks down the Rockies, Giants and Dodgers, and also comments on Aubrey Huff's move out West. Steven talks about the Mariners' new strategy, how the Angels will decline in 2010, the A's search for offense and the Rangers' chances of playing better baseball. Goldman likes what he sees with the Tigers and the White Sox, and is looking forward to what Minnesota can do. He once again sees the Yankees as the team to beat in the East, but of course, the Red Sox and Rays are always very tough. Steven also says the Orioles have improved with youth. Next week, Steven will wrap up his series with a look at the Nationals' long-term prognosis. Here's an audio interview with Steven Goldman: Audio: Byron and Baseball Prospectus' Steven Goldman preview the AL and rest of the NL
Looking forward to April 3rd!

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