Tillman's side session

Chris Tillman said he threw "everything" today except his back (OK, that's my line) and was "shocked" at how good he felt on the mound. "It took a lot to hold back. I wanted to go 100 percent, but at the same time I had to hold myself back," he said. "Everything felt good. Obviously, it felt like I hadn't played catch in three days, but other than that, everything felt good and looked good. Kranny said my delivery looked nice and smooth." Tillman will rest tomorrow and throw a batting practice session on Friday. Meanwhile, Brian Roberts still hopes to take live BP within the next three to five days. He's been going through the drills and moving without any obvious restrictions, but he hasn't tried to twist at the waist with any force. "We're still trying to ease into that," he said. Because a reader wanted to know: Miguel Tejada said he's ordered a larger glove for third base. He won't use the same model from his shortstop days. The Orioles' intrasquad game will be played Monday at 12:30 p.m. in Ed Smith Stadium. Gary Allenson and Richie Hebner will serve as managers. Dave Trembley, as "acting commissioner," must give his approval on the rosters, and he's already received some suggestions. More to come.

Tillman throws
Putting the "fun" in fundamentals

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