A little more Vlad talk

What is that game we played as kids, was it musical chairs? You know where you dive for the seat as the music stops. At the end there is one kid and one chair. Is Vlad Guerrero the kid and are the Orioles the chair? Is what seemed like a remote possibility now more likely after yesterday's other moves in baseball? If reader response on our blogs here and other message boards and call-in shows is any barometer, it seems a lot of fans are clamoring for this to happen. There is nothing wrong with the O's signing Vladimir Guerrero for a low-dollar, one-year deal. He is certainly coming off a good season. On the plus side, he hit .300 last year with 115 RBIs, an .841 OPS and batted .338 with an OPS of .932 vs. left-handed pitching. He also batted .320 with runners in scoring position and went 11-for-17 when batting with the bases loaded. All impressive numbers. Is he an upgrade over Luke Scott? Sure he has had an impressive career, but Scott had some solid numbers last year that, in some cases, topped Vladdy. Scott homered once every 16.5 at bats last year to Guerrero's 20.4 and had an OPS of .902 to Guerrero's .841. Maybe they co-exist in a lineup with Scott moving to left field. That move could send Nolan Reimold back to Triple-A. Is that the right move now for Reimold? A Guerrero addition would certainly have ramifications impacting maybe several other Orioles and the club has to consider that. Fan reaction seems to say, go get Vladdy. When this is all over will he be sitting in the O's chair?

Still pitching for Cantu, wondering about a lefty ...
Did things change? (updated twice)

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