A little post-game chatter

Nick Markakis is a lot happier with the Orioles' approach at the plate since he vented on the road trip. "For the most part, we're having good approaches up there," he said after tonight's 7-6 thriller. "They're going up there looking for a pitch to hit, and when they get it, we haven't been missing lately. It's a good sign, and hopefully we can keep it going." Markakis then excused himself and met up with Peter Angelos for a late-night snack. Not really. Interim manager Juan Samuel noted that Scott Moore's pinch-hit homer gave the Orioles "a little boost." To say the least. "I think after that home run, guys starting feeling it. 'Hey we are only one run away.' Sometimes, it takes that to get a club going and that was a big, big, big boost for us there." Moore studied the way Nats reliever Tyler Clippard pitched to catcher Matt Wieters and used it to his advantage. "Wieters is a left-handed hitter, so I obviously paid close attention to how he was pitched in front of me," Moore said. "He was missing up with his fastball a lot and he did the same to me."

A rare off night for Clippard
Biggest comeback of the year

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