Along came Jones

Don't expect Adam Jones to be pacing the floor today in anticipation of batting first for the Orioles. He's done it six other times in his career, and he told me earlier today that his placement in the lineup doesn't make "one bit of difference." Adam-Jones_Home-Batting-Wide.jpg "Where I hit never changes my approach," he said. So don't look for Jones to lay down a bunt in the first inning. "I just play my normal game," he said. "It's more at-bats and I love hitting, so it gives me an opportunity to get up more and do more and produce more." Jones is hitting .229 with the one homer and RBI from Opening Day. He's hit safely in three straight games after a 1-for-17 skid. Meanwhile, don't be shocked if the Orioles announce a roster move today related to Mike Gonzalez, who's being examined by a team physician. It makes sense to put him on the DL and bring up a reliever who can pitch. Once again, Capt. Obvious is here for you. If you enjoy the ESPN Zone's Q&A series with the Orioles, you can meet first baseman Garrett Atkins on April 28. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the program starts at noon.

Tatum's turn
Do the O's take enough pitches?

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