Another intrasquad game, Tony Clark leftover and missing Monica

SARASOTA, Fla. - Today's intrasquad game on the main stadium field will run seven innings. Six pitchers are listed for each side. Doing the math, two guys would have to throw multiple innings, which I don't anticipate.

The alternatives, of course, are to add two more pitchers or slice off an inning.

Chris Tillman, Kevin Gausman, Jason Garcia, Brad Brach, Todd Redmond and Cesar Cabral will pitch for one side. Miguel Gonzalez, T.J. McFarland, Dylan Bundy, Vance Worley, Hunter Harvey and Ashur Tolliver will pitch for the other.

Bounceback starters going head to head.

As I wrote yesterday, the lineups will include the regulars as they prepare for Tuesday's exhibition opener. Let's see whether Mark Trumbo plays first base or right field.

I'm eager to watch Hyun Soo Kim in left field. I've only seen him in drills and it's difficult to get much a read on a guy. He had a little trouble moving to his left to cut off a couple balls last week, but that was just within the few minutes that I observed him. It's way too soon to pass judgment.

The early word on Kim is he won't hurt you in the field, but he's probably not going to make the above-average play. Again, it's too soon for a final verdict. Let's give him a chance to get acclimated and shake off the rust.

Union chief Tony Clark spent 45 minutes yesterday taking questions from the media. I passed along some of his quotes, but I also wanted to share his thoughts on the Orioles' reported concerns about Yovani Gallardo's right shoulder that led to more diagnostic tests and a restructuring of his deal.

"Medical information shouldn't be public," Clark said. "There's a reason why individual's medical information is protected. The idea that those who shouldn't have access to it have access to it and feel compelled to offer it is a concern. And that is one of the things I was referencing earlier when I talked about the regulations that are in place and the dangerous line we tend to be toeing here as we go. It's irresponsible. From my vantage point, it's irresponsible and something that we think affects the entire industry and not just the player involved. That's why I think it mutually makes sense to sit down and figure out perhaps there's a better way to do it.

"I think there are some things related to protocol that are worth looking at. I think the time frame, I think those having access to information, I think perhaps even the physicals themselves. Any number of things are part of what needs to be looked at here, both in protection of the club and the player. Everybody involved. Having public dialogue about a player's medical information and having public about a deal breaking down as a result of information that should not be public. When an industry that is doing well continues to work to tell the type of story that is beneficial for not just those who are already fans and those who may be fans in the future, having this type of conversation is not one that helps anybody."

Clark said the union stayed "connected" to Gallardo and his agent throughout the process.

"Appreciating what happened, what may have happened and whether there are considerations beyond that to take into account, but that happens with every player, in particular every free agent player who is going to be subject to a physical and who is going to have his medical information available to clubs who are interested in signing him," Clark said.

"We understand why a club may want a player's individual medical info. We understand it. But currently, there appear to be some issues with respect to protocol and process that are adversely affecting everybody involved and are not in anybody's best interests."

The clubhouse is closed again this morning because it's photo day. It's also an anniversary that will bring strong emotions to the surface.

monica-tshirt-back.jpgWe miss our friend.

Former Orioles public relations director Monica Barlow passed away two years ago. We received the news shortly before leaving for Port Charlotte for the first exhibition game against the Rays.

Has it really been two years already?

I'm wearing my LUNGevity T-shirt with "4 Monica" printed in orange letters across the back.'s Brittany Ghiroli is wearing her K Cancer T-shirt.

Here's the story I wrote last year on this date.

Hug a loved one today. Hug a stranger if they're OK with it. Life is too short.

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