#AskMatt: What are a few of your favorite things?!

CEbs0-sWYAA2IQl.pngToday, we had our second #AskMatt session of the season at Nationals Park. This time around, we got a little "off-beat," as MASN's Chris Johnson put it, and asked Matt about some of his favorite things. Fans were again able to follow along live through the Periscope app and by following @masnNationals on Snapchat. We know it was a Friday afternoon, so if you were stuck at work and couldn't follow us live, check out the whole interview below!

MW favorites.PNGMatt, the everyday outdoorsman (more on that later), was fresh from a pre-pregame run and decided to stay outdoors in the Nationals dugout. And even with a location change from last time, the Nats skipper was ready to chat about a few of his favorite things. We've highlighted some of his answers, but watch the whole video for more in-depth explanations on Matt's favorites. Stay tuned through the end as Matt was able to answer some questions about All-Star Bryce Harper after the right fielder exited last night's game with a mild left hamstring strain.

Don't forget: Each month, you'll have the opportunity to submit your questions for the Nats' skipper through Facebook and Twitter. Then, when the Nats are in town, we'll have Williams answer your questions and feature them here on MASNsports.com. Also, if you have any fun games or bits you want Matt to do for his next chat, let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Here are some of Matt's favorite things.

Favorite sport:

"I'm a football fan. I'm a San Diego Chargers fan ... I grew up in central California, so we got the Chargers game often, so football's my second sport."

Favorite kind of music to listen to:

"I'm an old-school rock guy. So I'm the youngest of four boys, all my brothers are older than I am, so I was forced to listen, late '70s (and) early '80s, to their music. And the old-time rock and roll is my favorite still to this day."

Favorite vacation spot:

"Mountain. Problem is mountain time in the wintertime, it's cold. But my wife (Erika) and our daughter, Madison, are beach people. So I find myself on the beach more than I do in the mountains. But I prefer mountain."

Favorite D.C. athlete other than a guy that plays for your team:

In basketball, John Wall had a wonderful season. Alex Ovechkin always brings credibility to anything that he does and he's a fantastic hockey player. ... I've had a chance to interact with RGIII at a number of things in the city as well, so they're fun."

Favorite MASN personality:

"We get a chance to interact with MASN Dan on occasion. He's with us all the time. ... We continue to push him towards doing things that are off the wall. ... He's willing and he's able and he's eager and the fellas love him too, so he's fun."

You go, Dan Kolko!

For more of Matt's favorite things, watch the latest edition of our Ask Matt blog below and follow MASN Nationals on Facebook and Twitter to find out how to participate in next month's #AskMatt session!

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