Buck's seeing it all

I've got a busy morning ahead of me, which includes a three-hour stint on "Wall to Wall Baseball" with Tom Davis and Dave Johnson. The first hour, beginning at 11 a.m., will air on MASN. You can catch the entire show on ESPN Radio 1300. Or you can sleep late. Depends what you did last night. Do you get the feeling that Orioles manager Buck Showalter is looking at life from both sides now (see if that song sticks in your head for a while.) Showalter has seen the good. A lot more than he could have expected from a team with the second-worst record in baseball that's working on its third manager this year. Now he's got to be wondering what happened to the starting pitching. And he's got to address the fundamental breakdowns that have reared their ugly heads again. Forgetting the number of outs? Missing the cutoff man? Not on a Buck Showalter team. That won't be tolerated. Heck, he expressed his displeasure over the execution of a rundown during his first days on the job, and the Orioles recorded the out in three throws. I was impressed, given what I've seen in the past. I guess the bar's been lowered more than I realized. We've seen the Orioles at their worst in past Septembers. Showalter dressed up August and made it look so pretty, I tried to buy it a drink before the lights came up for last call. He'll need to give September a serious makeover. Otherwise, it's "Turn out the lights, the party's over."

Admiring Millwood
Luke on the loss

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