Getting Miggi with it

Craig Tatum is taking throws at first base. Should I read anything into that? Kidding. Miguel Tejada said he's become a lot more comfortable at third base since the start of spring training. Miguel-Tejada_Home-Batting-Wide.jpg "That first game, the intrasquad game that we played, I felt a little bit different," he said. "Now I feel like I'm ready to go." Tejada heated up at the plate over the final weeks of camp, as we expected him to do, and raised his average to .274. All of a sudden, the ball's exploding off his bat and he's ripping doubles in every direction. He also hit his first home run, a grand slam, in the final game and collected five of his eight RBIs. "I think my problem in spring training is I do a lot of early work and by game time, I don't feel the same," he said. "Later in spring training, that's when I start hitting because I'm cutting down on the extra work a little bit and my hitting is more fresh. "Every spring training, the same thing happens. I never have started good. I don't want to leave all my hits in spring training."

Rollin' with Nolan
Making their pitch (updated)

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