Got an ex-wife and kid in Baltimore Jack

I thought I'd never get back. Now that I've gone from the second floor of the Marriott Tampa Airport to my Southwest gate to BWI to my sister's house in Pasadena to Camden Yards, I wanted to fire up the blog for a few seconds from my usual seat in the press box. It's sunny and...cold. What happpened to that 90-degree weather I kept hearing about this week? Manager Dave Trembley will meet with reporters in about an hour. I'll post the lineup as soon as I get my hands on it. It should look very similar to last night's, except Cesar Izturis will return to shortstop. Most important, Evan Longoria's name won't appear on the other side. Will Ohman can't be available today, not after pitching in all three games of the opening series, but you've already seen his value. A rubber arm that's getting people out. I'm still learning about Mike Gonzalez, but I've discovered early that his successes won't be much prettier than his failures. When he misses, he misses badly. He falls off the mound. He removes his cap and paces. Arms and legs fly everywhere. Hearts palpitate Last night's ending still counted as a save, but it was exhausting. Trembley watched video of Gonzalez to make sure the left-hander wasn't doing anything unusual. And yes, the name "Don Stanhouse" already has come up in assorted conversations. Enjoy the ride. I'll check in later. I still need to sort through the comments and head downstairs. Happy Opening Day II. Let's hope the sequel is better than the original.

Welcome to the home opener
Post-game notes: O's hang on to win vs. Tampa

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